Wicking bins

Wicking Bins are a self-contained, portable garden, created from three used timber palettes. Based on the concept of wicking beds authored by Australian engineer and inventor, Colin Austin, and not to be confused with the many imitations of Austin's original idea.


There is no separated reservoir for water in these bins. Soil and organic matter extends to the full depth of the bin. There is only one inlet/overflow pipe, water falling from the sky or watering can helps flush the reservoir.


Originally designed to be on 100mm casters the weight proved too much for the wheels and the palette base which began to buckle. The wheels were removed although they could be replaced and the palettes replaced by more solid timbers. 


There are myriad metaphors, similes and analogies that can be woven into the bin design - from a representation of the 'small water cycle' to religious, hypnotic  induction. Words in play are so pliable that cosmic profundities can be obtained from the writings on box-tops of breakfast cereal, by a mind suitably primed by set and setting. 

You bring to art your personal narratives, insight and blindness. Hopefully, that is the beginning and not the end of the conversation, just as superstition and intuition beget science, fiction and fantasy shape reality by igniting or occluding our inner vision.


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