Wicking bins

The search for fruit bins of the kind I saw at the Aurora Packing Shed in Red Cliffs, during Palimpsest 4, proved 'fruitless'. These bins at Reverse Garbage inspired the ways and means to reuse shipping palettes.  

The Janitors at Frontyard Projects in Marrickville allowed me space and time to assemble store and grow out the first bins. 

COVID19 restrictions on travel necessitated setting up a bin at home so I could gauge the growth of gardens in the other bins. The small westerly facing front yard is the only space on the property that receives enough sunshine to enable the vegie garden to thrive. 

As an experiment a few palettes were left whole and a layer of material added to contain an organic soil mix. This is a collaboration between the Cafe at Hazelhurst and myself and should be ready for the "Great White Bird Trail" exhibition, September 2020 (postponed from April 2020). 


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