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Singgih Kartono of Magno and Spedagi fame.

Gilbert and Ian Milliss at Frontyard

Gilbert and Ian Milliss at Frontyard

Artist Orientation Green Ring ride

Green Ring - Artist orientation ride

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Alexandria Canal Cycle Path is under threat

Sydney Green Ring


The Sydney Green Ring is a 37 km active transport corridor, a bicycle ring road, and art trail that alongside existing water courses,  connecting green spaces of Inner Sydney.


The circuit is bounded by Sydney Harbour in the North, Long Cove Creek (GreenWay) in the West, Cooks River and Botany Bay in the South, and the Mill Stream and Centennial Park in the East.


The route connects to the Botany Bay (KaiMia) Trail, The Cooks River Trail, The Harbour Bridge, and Cycle paths to the Eastern Suburbs. 

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The Sydney Green Ring, is an artist-lead eco-art and infrastructure provocation. Research begun in 2003 that lead to a blog site in 2008. Social rides, exhibitions and events were developed to promote the potential of the project. 


The Sydney Green Ring is an extension of the Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay. Both projects informed by the desire of the local community for connected greenspace free from motor vehicles, for Sustrans like cycling and active transport corridors, and to align with the NSW Government Metropolitan Greenspace Program and Sharing Sydney Harbour Program.    



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