space and place

Play and especially kinesthetic "artistic" play involving fantasy, role play, projection and imagination. Play helps develops spatial awareness, coordination, insight and empathy.


Spatial awareness, extended into the physical environment, helps build place attachment. It is through solid attachments to people and places that we ground our psyche and can venture forth in the world. 


ARTcycle Inc., curated rides tours and events seek to develop place and social attachment, impart factual information about space and time, is conflated with social attachment in a supportive, artist friendly, environment.     

Sydney Green Ring is a 37 km trail inscribed on the fabric of Sydney between Port Jackson and Botany Bay. A recreational and commuter trail, and, future habitat corridor.

Coolgardie Safes constructed for Palimpsest IV in Mildura 2001 brought together human powered bicycle mobility and evaporative cooling microclimate moderation. Low-tech, carbon neutral, retro-innovation in practice.  

Presumption of Regularity Vehicle, in the century since the invention of the motor car the planet has been wracked and wrecked by fossil fuels, motor vehicles, entitlement, ignorance and greed. The party is over and I can't breathe. The shape of the vehicle is based on the original Benz horseless


Many Hans Make Light Work, created from found, recycled and repurposed material. The inspiration was Albrecht Durer and the most cliched image in human history - praying hands that let the light in.  

Cementa Ceremonial Gate constructed from hempcrete supplied and supervised by Australian Hemp Masonry. The use of ochres mirrored the layered earth tones of the escarpment beyond. The use of embossing was an innovation according to Klara Marosszeky, director of Australian Hemp Masonry. 

Wicking Bins based on the original design by Colin Austin engineer and inventor. These are to be distributed around the Sydney Green Ring for the Emerald City Trail event. 


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