We're not in Saturday Night any more Toto.

Yeah, anyway. A few more days an the install will be happening. I tried to organise a Calendly meeting schedule for people to come see the show, but the net is crazy at the moment, it was inserting days here and there so there was no point.

Call me if you want to come see - there are restrictions on numbers in the gallery, an appointment works well. Planning on being there Thursdays through Saturdays for the duration of the exhibition.

Call or text 0434 910 422, or email, gilbert@gilbertgrace.com. Broadhurst Gallery, Hazelhurst Art Centre, 782 Kingsway Gymea. 10 minutes to the train, bring a mask for riding public transport.


M: 61 + 434 910 422

E: gilbert@gilbertgrace.com

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