Saturday Night and the clock is ticking

12 sleeps till the install and I hope I have everything under control. Gardens are set to spring. Artwork is ready, packed and waiting in storage ready for install. Finished last minute sewing of the hemp sails to adorn the void in the Drum. It's all looking good so far. Carrie did a fantastic job on the invite, many thanks Carrie. There is no opening although I am thinking that I can be available for anyone who wants to visit via a Calendly booking app. Thursday-Friday-Saturday during the exhibition. Will post details soon.

Check out the invite, Cooks River environs a hundred and fifty years ago? I walked every inch while rubbing the charcoal into the Fabriano. The rag trade provided hemp and linen for feedstock, ( Curatorial evidence is that up to the 1880s hemp rag was the dominant feed for all European art papers.


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