Garden on wheels

The wicking bed is an ingenious revolution in the way scalable gardening can occur in areas of unpredictable rainfall. First developed by Colin Austin the idea has spread like wildfire... er "bushfire", the sort of bushfire that results from draining the soils of moisture, robbing them of the ability to transpire by removing vegetation, preventing the ability to moderate the heat and aridity of microclimates - the perfect fire storm. Naughty mining! Naughty industrial agriculture!

Not everyone has access to open fields in which to lay trenches and having a matchbox size front yard that has successfully grown herbs and greens but not vines and fruit. I was looking for an alternative to the plastic recycling bin garden I now have. Colin Austin's alternative made sense and it seems that all those other folk had gotten off on the wrong foot, relying on the separation of the water reservoir and the soil. Expense on expense. So I simplified and adapted and these mobile wicking beds are the result.

Prototype stage at present, they will be ready for the Emerald City Trail event in September 2020. Some will be growing out at Frontyard in Marrickville and some at Culture at Work in Pyrmont. These two locations have hosted me in the past for artist residencies and I am grateful for having made sustaining links to the folk at each venue. Culture at Work will also be one of the venues hosting an event for the Emerald City Trail.


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