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Holt St, Newtown. Named for trader, parliamentarian and pastoralist, Thomas Holt who purchased the Camden Villa Estate on this site, converting it to a Congregational school. One of the many sites in and around Sydney that passed through Holt's real estate portfolio.

Three artist led rides were crafted to be realised in conjunction with the Great White Bird Trail exhibition in the Broadhurst Gallery at the Hazelhurst Art Centre, Gymea. These rides are an extension of explorations of the themes of space, and place, and identity. The Great White Bird Trail, Salt Pan Creek Trail, and Emerald City Trail explore themes of colonisation and urbanisation, modernism, material and social exploitation. Specific examples are First Contact, Alpha Farm, the pastoralist Thomas Holt, sculptor Michael Kitching, the Salt Pan Creek Aboriginal Camp, and the water courses and riparian lands that make up the Sydney Green Ring.

The Corona19 virus forced the abandonment of initial planning, social distancing and duty of care have place restrictions that effectively mothball these rides. The routes covered cross LGA boundaries and pass through hot spots. As a ride organiser I cannot in good conscience risk the health and safety of riders in any further organised rides, until the pandemic passes, and restrictions are lifted.

I would encourage anyone interested to undertake the rides as self-guided tours and would be interested in feedback, especially thoughts and feelings generated by the sensory, physical and social aspects. Sharing images and narratives on social media would be encouraged. #ARTcycleSydney, @ARTcycleSydney.



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