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Reading Yve-Alain Bois essay, 'Painting as Model' confirmed that painting provides psychophysical space not available in other media. 


"What does it mean for a painter to think?" (p. 59) - this is the old question to which Hubert Damisch has returned in connection with the art of this century, and which he alone in France seems to take seriously. Not only what is the role of speculative thought for the painter at work? but above all what is the mode of thought of which painting is the stake? Can one think in painting as one can dream in colour? and is there such a thing as pictorial thought that would differ from what Klee called "visual thought"? Or again, to use the language current some ten years ago, is painting a theoretical practice? - Yve-Alain Bois. 

Cooks Tour 2018

'The Cooked' 2018
'Foo' 2018
'Lt James Elvis'
'Ghost Ships' 2018
'CookKu' 2018
'Atomic Test' 2018
'Big Red' 2018
'Cook Antler' 2018
'Biological Control' 2017
'The Raw' 2018
'Whitby Collier 2' 2018

Vandals, Goths and Alans 2019

'Alan 'Jimbo' Alan' 2019
'Scott Domican' 2019
'Gladys Gula' 2019
'Barabas Joyce' 2019
'Derryn Mugesera' 2019

Angrier Penguins 2018

'Angrier Penguins' 2018
'Sidney Hart' 2018
'Sidney Hartland On Location' 2018


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'The Cooked' 2018