2019 'Against Hollywood'

Art Est, Leichhardt.

When Ronald Reagan retired from office friends of the Reagans chipped in

and bought them a house. The house, previously owned by Johnny Carson, was at

666 St Cloud St, Bel-Air, California. Nancy had the address changed to 668. 

The Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay "The GreenWay" has long been a source of inspiration and frustration. Inspiration through the activity of people passionate about preserving and restoring habitat, creating amenity and promoting mobility. Frustrating due to bureaucratic indifference, rapacious greed of developers, and enslavement of government to the motor vehicle lobby.


I was awarded the inaugural GreenWay Prize in 2010 with a portrait of Bruce Ashley in situ on the GreenWay, Bruce was undoubtedly the champion of the GreenWay during the 1990s and 2000s. It came as a complete shock to me to have won a second time in 2018 with 'Cook Ku' an exploration into the history of Sydney as found on the Sydney Green Ring.


The prize consists of a healthy injection of cash and an exhibition at Art Est School and Gallery. Art Est is located on the GreenWay and was for a long time the only outlet for artists in the Leichhardt area. It is fitting that Art Est - on Kangaroo Ground - is a venue for my explorations in sense of place and genius loci.  

There is a thesis titled Against Hollywood that I found while web searching after having already decided on the title for this exhibition. The thesis mirrors my 1980s experiences and is a precursor to the neo-conservative backlash of the Neo-Liberal "Benevolent American Hegemony".  

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