2014 And the Lord spake...

'47', Rylstone



The entwining of identity with place valorises the use of landscape as a metaphor for individual and collective identity. 

Contests over territory has gained currency particularly in the psychoanalytic work of Deleuze and Gauttari. 'Territorializing' is a suitable euphemism that allows people to talk around the realities of modern-day psychological slavery.

The land grabs made by the biblical ancients reverberate throughout human history. Thanks to the ICAC enquiry there is now an example of how the invasion of territory thoroughly pervades  the Christian/Abrahamic system of morality via reference to Moses, 'the law-giver' of the  Pentateuch, and to the present Moses, defending corruption allegations.  

The overt concept in this series of works is of the land grab - when one tribe seeks advantage by displacing another. The implied message is that of personal agency subverted though legal means.


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