2013 The Common Wheel

Accelerator Gallery

Culture At Work, Pyrmont

The exhibition was held in the Accelerator Gallery, Scott St, Pyrmont, was the culmination of a residency at Culture At Work run by Sherryl Ryan. Coincidentally we attended RMIT at almost equivalent years in the early 1990s. 


I had proposed to collaborate with a psychologist to delve the depths of the behavioural addiction to motor vehicles. When no psychologist was available it became necessary to devise other events to sustain the residency. These were the rides, games and rolling sketch tours.   

A born and raised suburbanite, I can understand how driving has become a literal addiction - a craving the satisfaction of which is pursued in full knowledge of the deleterious personal and environmental effects, altering mind and body, creating a tolerance so that it's satisfaction is required to feel 'normal'. And just as other behavioural addictions had been treated with interventions I sought ways of diverting the compulsion or fleeting satisfaction to other pursuits through published research in ethology, neuroaesthetics and biopsychosociology.   

I am still seeking interventions that will break that addictive cycle driven by hormones, cultural conditioning, primal aggression, and status seeking - the worst attributes of neo-liberal self-centredness and "affluenza". In the meantime bicycle use is still the best means to fit healthy activity into the daily routine, facilitating neurogenesis, promoting mental, physical and emotional resilience. 


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